Story Time Show Continues to reach children with complex needs

We went along the zigzag zigzag zigzag path today as we opened the first Story Time Show for a school in the UK.
Gloaty Glorious Goat ate all the sweets from MARVIN’s pockets and Barry Best Beetle escaped out of his pocket at the same time! Marvin and Fabulously Fabulous Fabiano the frog ran down the Rainbow Terrace looking for their Beetle friend but so far no luck.
Billy Baboon-boon-boon and Glorious Gloaty the Goat were dancing with Fabulously Fabulous Fabiano the frog and singing along with Marvin and Gwyn-Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn to all the wonderful amazing children who were taking part across two schools!
Whoopeedeedoo! We love Story Time Shows – what a fantastic afternoon and honour !