Testimonial: Positive Eye’s Courses & Resources. Alison – Teacher of Vision Impairment

Testimonial: Positive Eye’s courses and resources – making a difference

Alison – Teacher of Vision Impairment

Teacher of VI – Alison is a qualified teacher of visual sensory support, part of a team of which provides teachers, support assistants, rehabilitation officers, an educational audiologist, child psychotherapist, technical support officer and ICT specialist trainer to help children and young people with a sensory loss from the age of 0-19 years, including those in post-16 education.

The team provides help to each child and their family, at home, in school or in college, providing comprehensive advice and information to allow informed choices to be made by everyone concerned. Alison has been working with Positive Eye for three years, after meeting Gwyneth at a course at Birmingham University and at VIEW conferences.

She has been using a variety of Positive Eye courses and resources including Positive Looking, the Post Office, Easy / Easier game, tactile graphics and Braille services. Alison says, “Gwyneth understands visual impairment and makes the resources that we as teachers do not have the time to do ourselves. The products are exactly what we need, and Gwyn is so approachable. Her materials are suitable for use in schools and we are also able to adapt them so they can be used by parents. I would thoroughly recommend Positive Eye courses and resources to anyone.