Vision is such a key part of learning and what Positive Looking’s methods do is to help teachers and assistants push the child to improve their attentiveness and visual stamina. Each teacher is confident and able to embed visual learning in every task that they do. Thanks to Positive Looking vision is now part of the everyday agenda in Bradford schools, making a huge difference in attainment.

Testimonial: Positive Looking, Rachel Pilling – Consultant Ophthalmologist, Bradford

I don’t know why everyone in the country isn’t using this programme. In my opinion every special school should have a copy. As soon as you begin to use Positive Looking you realise how good it is. VI can be low on the education agenda and in Bradford the resource has really helped us to bring it to the fore

Testimonial: Positive Looking – Yvonne Smith, Advisory Teacher for Children with VI, Bradford, UK

Her energy was amazing. When she arrived I was the only person in America who knew about Positive Eye, but by the end of the conference everybody knew her, and wanted to work with her

Testimonial: Charlotte Cushman -Educational Resources Manager for Perkins Schools for the Blind in Massachusetts, USA

I believe Gwyn could walk into any special or mainstream school and successfully deliver a course, helping teachers to find a great way to support children whatever their needs

Elfa Hermannsdottir, Manager and team leader of teachers of vision impairment, National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind, Iceland

The techniques used by Positive Eye are so clear and engaging – the parents got great benefits from the session, which provided a real boost in helping them support their child’s education. I have never seen children so engaged about learning

Testimonial: Working with Moorvision Charity, Laura Hughes – Founder, Moorvision

Working with Gwyn and Positive Eye has also been invaluable. Since that very first phone call I have kept in touch with Gwyn and she provides a lot of content for the site. Her posts are some of the most visited parts of Through Scarlett’s Eyes

Testimonial: Supporting Families, Charlotte Mellor – Through Scarlett’s Eyes

Gwyneth has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and Positive Looking provides everything you need in a simple, straightforward system that would take years to develop yourself from textbooks

Testimonial: Review of Positive Looking 1, Jeannie Casson- Teacher of VI

Gwyneth delivered a course for teenage girls on how to apply make-up. Cheryl worked with Positive Eye and Boots, and reports that the girls – many of whom do not have the chance to discuss make up and fashion at home – were delighted with the results and really grew in confidence

Testimonial: Impact on Young People, Cheryl Evans, Specialist Teacher of VI

The products are exactly what we need, Gwyn is so approachable. Her materials are suitable for use in schools &we are able to adapt them so they can be used by parents. I would thoroughly recommend Positive Eye courses & resources to anyone

Testimonial: Positive Eye’s Courses & Resources. Alison – Teacher of Vision Impairment

The resource cards are excellent, providing a wide range of methods to explore human emotions and behaviours.
The possible interventions are limitless and make you consider all the possible opportunities to develop vital skills

Testimonial: Review – Thumbs Up! Wendy Whitwell – Team Leader, Vision Impairment, Stockport.

The inspirational ideas and targeted outcomes outlined in Positive Looking 2 form the interventions we deliver as a service and have been incredibly successful in promoting the development of specialist skills for children with vision impairment

Testimonial: Review of Positive Looking 2, Claire, Teacher of VI, London

I have recently started using the easy-easier posting box with some of my children, it has proved to be a simple but excellent resource in identifying aspects of school life children with visual impairment find easy or challenging

Testimonial: Easy-Easier Posting Box, Erica Hunt: Teacher of VI: South Wales

It enables us to gain a much deeper understanding of their experiences as the statements feel less threatening than an adult asking lots of questions, and the range of statements really help to explore lots of areas of school life which may otherwise be over-looked

Testimonial: Thumbs Up! Tabitha Stevens, QTVI, Cambridgeshire County Council

‘The benefit of Positive Looking is that it is a tool that everybody can use everyday, everybody can feedback on it, everybody can show how the child has made progress’

Testimonial: Class teacher Jade Cracknell says Positive Looking is a job for everybody

Positive Looking is simply set out it introduces all skills in a simple format. All staff can use and know from the programme exactly where they want to focus the intervention, depending on the child. I use it half termly to evaluate and measure progress

Testimonial: Carol Pratt – Positive Looking enables us to record progress

The resource is presented in a clear way that is easy to understand and follow. Any professional used to following the national curriculum would be able to quickly use this document, and identify the relevant aspects of the curriculum they might be looking to adapt to specific children

Class teacher, Caroline McAleavy tells how Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND will support her teaching

Helen Kirwin & Heather Chattell, Qualified Teachers of VI from the Calderdale Sensory Team share their views about the new product ‘Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND’ with Gwyn McCormack, director of Positive Eye.    Gwyn asked Helen and Heather: How will the resource better enable you to support schools to implement  the reasonable adjustments for […]

How support strategies in the new Positive Outcomes product will help teachers

I especially like the positive language used and it has proved to be a simple, practical and powerful way to listen to and respond to the voice of the child or young person and to recognise and celebrate their own success which in turn supports positive self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Teacher of VI, South, UK: Positive Eye’s Easy-Easier Posting Box is powerful tool in listening to young person’s voice

Teacher from the East Dunbartonshire VI Sensory Service shares feedback on how the Easy-Easier Posting Box has made a difference to the children she works with I thought you might like to know that we’ve been using the Easy-Easier posting box with a range of children from Primary right through to Secondary age. I just had […]

Children set own targets with Easy-Easier Posting Box

I have been a teacher of children with a range of SEND for 5 years since qualifying in 2013, more recently, including children who have visual impairments (VI). I currently teach children and young people aged from 11 to 19 and am nearing the end of my degree course to gain my Qualified Teacher of […]

Review of Easy-Easier Posting Box by Ali Mills, Teacher of VI