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PE6: Who’s in the Driving Seat?


Promote the child’s independence and help your staff team plan their role using a structured and practical set of training and self reflection tools.

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Product Description

Why use ‘Who’s in the driving seat’?

Supports the practitioner to consider:

  • How to help a child with SEND/VI to gain a greater level of independence?
  • The effectiveness of current interventions
  • The roles of all professional in maximising independence


  • Approaches are embedded as part of the professional’s ongoing continuing professional development
  • Addresses the core purpose of the supporting practitioner
  • Enables a consistent whole school or specialist service approach
  • Targets strategies to maximise the child’s independence
  • Product resources are fully adaptable

Who’s in the Driving Seat contains the resources required to enable the school or specialist service to follow a simple strategic structured approach.

A training plan enables the initial concept to be presented to staff with the opportunity to self reflect and plan the way in which support will be provided to maximum the child’s independence.

Further resources and activities help the professional determine the correct level of intervention, and how to work with the child to define the support he or she requires to move towards independence in school.

A set of tools are provided to help the professional communicate this knowledge to class teachers, lunchtime supervisors and classroom assistants, making sure interventions are properly considered and appropriately targeted.

Course on ‘Promoting the Child’s Voice’ includes ‘Who’s in the Driving Seat and the use of the Easy-Easier Posting Box to promote independence.



“Who’s in the Driving Seat offers a very good insight into letting children be in the driving seat of their own learning. Excellent ideas for giving the child a voice and also for self reflection by professionals.”

“Love the snapshot approaches to recording targets etc. Can adapt materials for various ages.”

“Raises lots of valuable points and gave very effective realistic suggestions to support learning.”

“A complex concept presented in a clear manner.”

“Really wonderfully done, enjoyed using all the activities and materials and have been able to spend time in meaningful thinking around the children that I serve.” – Teachers of VI, Scotland