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PE33 Sparkle’s Early Years Everyday Learning Programme


A fun, engaging, holistic early year’s programme of exciting, extendable activities based on everyday learning opportunities, aimed at children age 2.5 years +

Designed for quick, achievable delivery inclusive of children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEN-D), with particular focus on children with vision impairment (VI)

Uses lively interactive teaching methods and maximum use of different learning styles

 Why use?

  • A ready-to-go kit packed with exciting fun resources
  • Fun ‘Challenges’ designed to maximise learning within everyday situations
  • Extendable activities and top tips cards to support quick, achievable delivery


  • Planned activities are designed to support the child with SEN-D to reach their outcomes
  • Focussed activities for key development areas: tactile, fine motor, gross motor; concept and language and maximising optimum use of visual skills
  • Engaging talking puppet ‘Sparkle’ supports children to develop a basic understanding about how we are all different and  ‘unique’

Product can be purchased as an electronic download for you to source the resources for each activity yourself price: £95.00. Alternatively  it can be purchased inclusive of the resources for each activity, price: £180.00

Sparkle Everyday Learning Programme Flyer



Product Description

About Sparkle’s Box of Lovely Learning

Sparkle’s Bag of Surprises includes:

  1. 1 x Sparkle spoon puppet and a letter from Sparkle to the children
  2. Light up resource
  3. Hello song(video clip and audio version of Sparkle’s Hello Song sung by Tom
  4. Large funky glasses
  5. Scrapbook to record the children’s adventures with Sparkle
  6. Sparkle’s special square black blanket

Sparkle’s ‘Challenge Bag’ is ready to fill for each session with Sparkle’s activity cards and resources. There are three sets of activities each comprising 3 activity cards:

Sparkle Activity Set 1: ‘Can you help me learn about some of the things I might do inside my house?’

  1. Sparkle Activity card 1: Sparkle’s bag full of brushes
  2. Sparkle Activity card 2: Sparkle’s feeling hungry
  3. Sparkle Activity card 3: Sparkle wants to feed her friends

Sparkle Activity Set 2: ‘Can you help me learn about what I can do outside?’

  1. Sparkle’s Activity Card 1: Sparkle’s outdoor treasure hunt
  2. Sparkle’s Activity Card 2: Sparkle wants to make a new friend
  3. Sparkle’s Activity Card 3: Sparkle wants to have fun playing outside

Sparkle Activity Set 3: ‘Can you help me get ready for a party?’

  1. Sparkle’s Activity Card 1: Sparkle’s tea party for her friends
  2. Sparkle Activity Card 2: Sparkle wants to have some music at the party
  3. Sparkle Activity Set 3: Sparkle needs your party help

Each activity card includes:

  1. A ‘Can you help Sparkle?’ question of the week
  2. Photographs of the resources and 3 activities to complete
  3. Three top access tips (comprising one specific vision focussed tip and two general tips)

Gwyn talks about Sparkle’s Everyday Learning Programme – the song included at the start is part of the programme