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PE7: Social Skills Programme for Young Children with SEND/VI


Help the child to develop social interaction skills, using this nine week programme which includes lesson objectives, activities, goals and targets, plus a simple monitoring and recording system and graphs to record the child’s progress.

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Product Description

Why use?

This Social Skills Programme can be taught in a focussed way to a small group. It is aimed at supporting the development of the main social skills of:

  • Looking towards the person
  • Turn taking in conversation
  • Speaking during conversation
  • Listening skills – active and attentive listening
  • Giving and receiving instructions


  • Monitoring checklists can be printed for each session
  • Programme is fully adaptable to meet child’s needs
  • Progress can be recorded on the simple graph system



“The social skills development techniques will transfer for use with children with hearing impairment.”

“Social skills development is a major focus for our team this year. This programme will be used across the Service and super that they can be adapted to our specific needs.”

“We want to use the pack to show evidence of our impact.” – Teachers of VI, Midlands, England