Skills for Tactile Graphics

PE24: Skills for Tactile Graphics


Use the practical ideas and suggestions to deliver a Tactile Graphics programme to support the development of tactile skills towards a goal of understanding symbolic representation. A hierarchy of tactile skills for graphics is given with goals, resource suggestions, activities and observation points for each area. The skills are divided into two sets and are integral to each other.

Skill set 1

  • Understanding real life concepts
  • Handling real objects
  • Handling models
  • Two dimensional representation
  • Symbolic representations

Skill set 2

  • Tactile discrimination skills
  • Fine motor skills
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Product Description

Skills for Tactile Graphics

Why use ?

  • Skills for Tactile Graphics is a programme of practical activities to support the development of the skills required to access tactile diagrams and pictures
  • Ready-made session plans for each skill area, provided in Word to enable further plans to be created


  • Adaptable to child’s need
  • Enables assessment of child’s tactile skills and specific target setting
  • Observation points inform the practitioner of what to look for and enables specific evaluation of child’s progress