Simple Social Skills Picture Cards

PE8: Simple Social Skills Picture Cards


Raise awareness of specific social behaviours using these simple cards, each depicting a different social situation. The set comprises 14 high contrasting black/white/yellow picture cards each depicting a different social situation or skill. A description of the skill is given on the back of the card.

The cards depict typical social situations and appropriate behaviours, e.g. greeting, posture, avoiding rocking and hand flapping during conversations, maintaining the conversation, knowing when it is your turn to talk.

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Product Description

Why use Simple Social Skills Picture Cards?

  • Set targets for the development of social skills
  • Raise awareness of acceptable social behaviour


  • Encourages discussion around social situations that the child/young person would like to find easier
  • The CD includes a set of pictures adapted for tactile access, which can also be presented as a slide show on the iPad or Computer