Positive Steps

PE10: Positive Steps – building resilience in children with vision impairments


This strengths building toolkit is designed to support the child’s positive self esteem and well being. It has been developed to engage and help children and young people talk about, plan and review their support in a positive context. It aims to build confidence and help the child or young person to realise their strengths and to use this self knowledge to set goals.

The resource has three aspects:

  • Activities to engage the child or young person in planning and review of their support and to consider what tasks they can do independently
  • Activities to support the child or young person’s experience of life at school
  • Activities to support recognition of strengths and build resilience

Product Type: Hardcopy


Product Description

Why use Positive Steps?

  • Supports a positive approach to building positive well being and self esteem
  • To involve the child in planning and reviewing their support
  • To set individual targets with the child
  • To place the child in ‘driving seat’ and develop independence


  • Tickets for each activity can be adapted to suit need of child
  • Print/font can be adjusted to suit need of child and braille can be added if required
  • The ‘Support for Me’ diaries enable the child to consider their curriculum access
  • Strengths certificates enable the child to record their strengths, gifts and talents



“The resource Positive Steps helps me to think more carefully about exactly how much support I need to be giving children and the nature of that support.”

“Gives me some good strategies to encourage self advocacy i.e. ask the pupil “How can I help?””

“Consider my role, role of others in level of support needed, ask the child where they need support and involve the whole school staff.”

“I’m going to use the resource to do more explicit sessions that focus on the pupil’s strengths and the areas they think they need support in.” – Teachers of VI, Yorkshire, England