Positive Steps - Recognising my Strengths Cards

PE11: Positive Steps – Recognising my Strengths Cards


Boost self-confidence and a positive sense of identity using these bright colourful strengths cards.

Children and young people with vision impairments (CYPVI) sometimes find it difficult to identify strengths they have, especially if they are adapting to sight loss or if they are undergoing a transition of some kind (e.g. transition to college or work) which will potentially put them in a situation where they may feel at a disadvantage. These strengths cards have been adapted from a Children’s Strength Survey (Dahlsgaard, 2003) developed in the USA but here they have been adapted for use with CYPVI in the UK.

Product Type: Hardcopy


Product Description

Why use Positive Steps – Recognising my Strengths Cards?

  • Supports the child to recognise their strengths using a positive approach
  • Helps to remind the child of the skills and qualities they have that are enduring to help improve their resilience against any adversity they may face


  • Can be used in a small group or with individual child
  • Can be used with parents, siblings, peer group to help them to recognise the strengths in the child and in each other
  • Strengths can be built on over time, creating an understanding of the child’s top strengths and how to utilise in different situations

A pack of 26 strengths cards which can be purchased separately from the full Positive Steps – Building Strengths for Children and Young People with Vision Impairment.