Braille Maths

PE25: Positive Solutions for Braille Maths


Understand how to set out basic operations, in braille format, in this simple guide. The primary guidance has been produced with the aim of helping teachers and teaching assistants who support children with vision impairments with an emphasis on using tactile methods of learning.

There are four booklets in the pack:

  • Booklet 1: Provides a basic overview of some of the factors involved in developing the skills necessary for tactile access to maths
  • Booklet 2: Specific guidance and examples for the layout of basic arithmetic operations
  • Booklet 3: Suggested checklist for individual mathematical outcomes
  • Booklet 4: Useful equipment and resources
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Product Description

Why use?

  • Relates the understanding of basic arithmetic operations to the other important factors involved in teaching the child
  • Aims to instil you with confidence in finding the mathematical methods that work for the child you support
  • It avoids getting ‘hung up’ on prescriptive convention for setting out problems but suggests establishing what works for the child and building on that


  • The advice given is simple, clear and concise
  • Includes a comprehensive checklist of maths outcomes to enable progress to be recorded



Positive Solutions for Braille Maths has reinforced that our children need real objects, concrete experiences and practical strategies to ensure that they are really understanding the mathematical concepts. It breaks down the concepts into areas with ideas for introducing and teaching these in the classroom and provides a comprehensive format to record what has been covered and when. The Braille maths guide is a valuable tool which clearly shows how to set out mathematical calculations clearly so that our children can access methods such as partitioning, the multiplication grid method and long division in a way which is simple and easy. They can then concentrate on the maths being the challenge – not the set out of the braille!”  Teacher of VI – East Midlands


“I love the simplicity of Positive Solutions to Braille Maths. The way it is organised makes it so accessible to teachers. By connecting to the National Curriculum in an easy to use format, it makes the teachers’ work much more straightforward, and gives you the confidence that you are providing the student with the right guidance.” – Manager of QTVI teachers at the National Institute for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Deafblind in Iceland

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