Positive Looking visual perception skills
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PE2: Positive Looking 2 – Activities to support visual perception skills


Positive Looking 2 is an easy to use guide packed full of ideas and activities to support the development of visual perception skills. It considers skill areas of visual perception in the context of a child’s functioning in a holistic, everyday setting including: Discrimination, Closure, Recognition, Visual Memory, Mobility, Spatial Awareness.

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Product Description

Why use Positive Looking 2

  • Easy and simple to use, with lots of practical suggestions and clear observation points
  • Fully adaptable templates for planning activity sessions, recording engagement and tracking progress
  • Promotes use of common, everyday resources or simple-to-make games

Benefits of Positive Looking 2

  • Enables a child to develop positive strategies to access tasks
  • Offers scaffolding without being prescriptive
  • Recognises that progress in visual development is not linear and provides the flexibility for planning personalised programmes to support individuals to achieve positive outcomes.
  • Suggested ideas are over a broad age/ability range but can be adjusted to a child’s need.

Positive Looking 2 includes:

  • An overview of visual skill development
  • Ideas and visual skills activities
  • Examples of planned intervention sessions
  • Suggested goals, materials and resources

The guide includes graphs to record progress, example session plans and photographs of resource ideas suitable for each area.

Positive Looking 2 can be used in conjunction with Positive Looking 1
Training on how to get the most from Positive Looking 1 and 2 is also available.

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Positive Looking 2 is an excellent product. Every member of our team has a  Positive Looking 1 ‘kit’ where we have made up packs of visual stimuli to accompany each visual skill and we use these on a daily basis during our visits, particularly with the babies and the children with complex needs and/or CVI. From this we can assess and record the stage the children are at and then we set targets with strategies for parents/carers to follow up. It has given us a much clearer focus. Positive Looking 2 will continue with these skills and we hope to create similar packs to accompany each skill.  So a huge THANK YOU again for your excellent products – they are always resources we carry around with us, refer to and use on a regular basis and are not gathering dust on a shelf.

Teacher of VI, East of England