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PE1: AWARD WINNING Positive Looking 1 – our flagship product


‘Positive Looking – development of visual skills programme’

NASEN AWARD for Inspiring Publication – making a real difference to children with SEND – 2017

Updated version includes new photographs, a further suggested option for recording progress and a wall chart

Positive Eye’s flagship product is an easy to use guide that offers a comprehensive framework to help support and develop a child’s visual skills. It has recently been expanded and updated to include a section on Independent Living Skills. Positive Looking 1 concerns the motor visual skills associated with optical functioning including Awareness, Attention, Fixation, Tracking and Scanning.

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Product Description

Why use Positive Looking?

  • Easy to understand
  • Gives straightforward instructions and targets
  • States clearly what to look for and how to chart progress
  • Observations are simple to track and evaluate

Watch the video about how a Service for VI have used Positive Looking across their  Local Authority special schools.

You can download the case study and a step by step guide to how Yvonne Smith, lead teacher for VI for Bradford, implements a strategic approach to using Positive Looking across all local authority special schools.



Benefits of Positive Looking

  • Practitioners in schools have improved understanding of children’s vision
  • Practitioners can pinpoint the child’s vision needs and deliver appropriate targeted interventions
  • Offers a whole school consistent approach to embedding vision targets within children’s daily curriculum
  • Practitioners can work with children and also map their development at the same time

The programme can be adjusted according to age and ability and incorporated into a child’s personal learning plan. It is designed for and is widely used by specialist practitioners.

Positive Looking includes:

  • An overview of visual skill development
  • Ideas and visual skills activities
  • Examples of planned intervention sessions
  • Suggested goals, materials and resources
  • A framework for monitoring and evaluating progress
  • Photographs of resources and activities

Practical training on Positive Looking this is suitable for a whole school to participate in and would be presented by Gwyn McCormack (Qualified Teacher of VI) from Positive Eye

Positive Looking Train the Trainer course – suitable for a special school or specialist early years SEN setting with a designated Vision Lead,


Courses on how to get the most from Positive Looking 1 and 2 are also available.


“In the last three years since Positive Looking has become a part of the syllabus in Bradford schools, I have noticed not only improvements in the development of the children, but an increased confidence amongst teaching staff, and more accurate reporting of progress.” – Rachel Pilling, Ophthalmologist

“I don’t know why everyone in the country isn’t using Positive Looking. In my opinion every special school should have a copy.”  – Yvonne Smith, Advisory Teacher for Children with VI and additional complex needs, Bradford

“Positive Looking provides everything you need in a simple, straightforward system that would take years to develop yourself.” – Teacher of the Visually Impaired, North England

‘I use Positive Looking 1 weekly with a child with very complex health needs who has frequent admissions to GOSH. Her hospital teacher has remarked on how well she is now using her vision- a child who was thought to have no useful sight. Positive Looking has enabled me to deliver a bespoke programme which is fun – and works!’ Teacher of VI, South England