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PE26: Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND


This comprehensive guide takes the outcomes for the Core Curriculum subjects at Key Stages 1 and 2 and for each offers a range of creative and practical support strategies and resource suggestions to support the class teacher to deliver a meaningful and appropriately adapted and accessible curriculum for children with SEND.

National Curriculum Outcomes are adjusted and individualised for children with SEND.  The class teacher is able to both set and record achievable outcomes for children with SEND in their class.



Product Description

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Why use?

Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND is simple, quick and easy to use it…

  • Provides guidance to the class teacher to plan and implement a differentiated and meaningful Core Curriculum
  • Has clearly written individualised National Curriculum Outcomes
  • Includes simple planning framework and checklist to support you to plan an accessible curriculum
  • Embeds fundamental additional skills that are crucial to accessing the National Curriculum
  • Ensures class teachers meet their legal obligation regarding SEND legislation


For  each National Curriculum Outcome for English, Maths and Science – Years 1 – 6

  • Provides a whole school approach to including children with SEND
  • Suggested creative, practical support strategies and resource ideas are offered to support class teacher’s planning for individual children
  • Progress can be recorded in ‘Individual Outcome Recording’ booklets per child, per year group and subject
  • Facilitates partnership working between teachers, teaching assistants and support services

Download sample pages:

Sample_for_Maths Sample_for_Science  Sample_for_English

Additional Curriculum Outcomes

The child may need to develop additional skills to enable them to reach their National Curriculum Outcomes.  For each National Curriculum outcome (per subject and year) the additional skills or areas for development, recognition or celebration are clearly identified.

The Additional Curriculum works across both Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND  and  The Easy-Easier Child’s Voice Toolkit  and includes:

1.Sensory Function and Efficiency. 2. Understanding the World. 3. Media Access. 4. Interaction with the world. 5. Managing our own world. 6. Understanding our place and ourselves in the world.7. Accessible and assistive technology. 8. A positive future

Product includes: English, Maths and Science subject booklets for years 1 – 6, individual recording booklets – per subject, per year group, additional curriculum outcomes booklet, a planning framework and checklist and parent’s postcards (electronic) .  Please note: All booklets are included in the electronic version and there is no limit on the number that can be printed by the setting.

A practical half day training session for all staff is included in the price. This offers an opportunity to inspire staff with many of the Creative Cues for Learning and practical activities and resources suggested within the product.

Try before you buy

Contact Gwyn at Positive Eye if you would like more information about accessing a free trial of this product. We would be pleased to discuss with you how this can work.

Here is what professionals attending training on Positive Outcomes say….

‘The Positive Eye session was a fantastic opportunity to expand our knowledge towards inclusion within our own classroom. The opportunity to see how the National Curriculum can be broken down, simplified and tailored for all learners was very positive.’

‘Comprehensive programme that can benefit all age groups. Can provide a uniform approach to rewarding progress in the establishment’

‘This is a wonderful resource that will benefit the needs of the individual child. Lots of wonderful ideas that I will take back to school with me #feelinginspired’

A practical and easy to use package which will support learning and show progress of individual children with SEND. Why reinvent wheel when it’s here already to use. Sue Cook, Head of Sensory Support Service, Knowsley.

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