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PE26: Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND – our featured product


Struggling to write outcomes for a child with SEND in your class? Identify appropriate outcomes for children with SEND using this comprehensive guide which takes the outcomes for the Core Curriculum subjects at Key Stages 1 and 2 and offers Support Strategies for adapting the curriculum to enable the class teacher to set and record achievable outcomes.

Product includes: English, Maths and Science subject booklets including Support Strategies, Individualised Outcomes and mapping of the Additional Curriculum Outcomes (in hard copy/electronic format).  In addition individual recording booklets per subject are also provided, plus graphs to record Additional Curriculum Outcomes. (The latter two are in electronic format only).

Download sample pages:

Sample_for_Maths Sample_for_Science  Sample_for_English

Product can be bought per individual year group for £130 – £142.00, click on the links below for more information. All year groups can also be purchased for £693 (electronic) or £770 (hardcopy/CD)


Product Description

Includes NEW SIMPLE PLANNING FRAMEWORK and CHECKLIST to support you to plan an accessible curriculum

Why use?

  • Provides guidance to the class teacher to plan and implement a differentiated and meaningful Core Curriculum
  • Embeds fundamental additional skills that are crucial to accessing the National Curriculum
  • Clearly identifies the individual outcomes for the child
  • Facilitates partnership working between teachers, teaching assistants and support services
  • Ensures class teachers meet their legal obligation regarding SEND legislation


  • Clear links to the National Curriculum Outcomes
  • Individualised outcomes based on the National Curriculum for children with SEND
  • Support strategies
  • Acknowledges the additional skills learned by the child with SEND to enable them to reach their outcomes
  • Enables progress to be recorded
  • Record and plan in one place
  • Quick and easy to use


.A practical and easy to use package which will support learning and show progress of individual children with SEND. Why reinvent wheel when it’s here already to use. Sue Cook, Head of Sensory Support Service, Knowsley.

Read testimonial from class teacher 

From a year 3 class teacher, East Midlands

‘These resources can help you understand objectives which pupils should be meeting next, which in turn helps with planning appropriate activities for individual children in order to achieve their targets. The booklets show each objective and give clear advice on support strategies which can be used to help children achieve their targets.I would recommend to others as the resources are set out clearly and are easy to follow. The resource gives clear ideas how objectives can be met through different activities.’

Would you like to attend a practical course to understand how to use Positive Outcomes and see it in action?
Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND course

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Product format

USB, Hardcopy + USB