Marvin, Grandma and his mates
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PE32: Educational Resource & Story: Marvin’s Market Adventure and Grandma’s Special Birthday Picnic


Access to the literate environment and exposure to incidental learning opportunities don't occur naturally for a child with vision impairment or special educational needs. Building a solid foundation of reading readiness skills and fun experiences  is therefore critical.

‘Marvin’s Market Adventure and Grandma’s Special Birthday Picnic’ is both a story and an educational resource pack. It offers a holistic approach to emergent literacy development,  embracing rich concrete experiences involving objects, people and activities related to the concept of the Market Place.

Using a theme-based approach during the emergent stages of literacy development enables us to offer a multitude of rich learning opportunities.  The suggested activities in this resource support the key elements of emergent literacy: tactile discrimination, fine motor, book/story skills and language development.

Read the lovely story of Marvin on his adventure at the market place and at the same time maximise the learning opportunities using this holistic, fun and creative approach to literacy.

“Marvin was a kind a little boy and he loved to visit his Grandma and help her to look after her beautiful garden. One day he decided he would surprise her as it was her birthday and he want to make her a special picnic. He wrote his list of all the things he would need for the picnic and set off to the market to make his purchases. He would buy a beautiful flower for her garden, a little shiny fish for her pond….. little did he know that he was in for a surprise ! He meets  Little Shiny Fish and Sunny Sunflower who are MAGIC! He helps Veg Man Vernon and Fishman Phil and meets Flora Flower and Barbara Baker the lovely cake maker along the way.


Lesley, Teacher of SEND, enjoyed this multi-sensory story with her own daughter and gave us her opinion from her role as teacher and as parent….

Loved Marvin's Adventure! Annie absolutely absorbed everything and we didn't even get onto some of your proposed activities… I can see this product being fully embraced by pre-school education providers as it's such great value for all that it includes. Perhaps some parents could be overwhelmed by the amount of educational activities that it actually offers…? I'm not sure that it would be fully utilised to its entire value and potential but can imagine a good nursery setting absolutely embracing its every opportunity! I could see Annie's nursery for example absolutely working with Marvin for a half term – there's so much to do with it and can fulfil and entire scheme of work right across the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Love it Gwyn!!! Congratulations on such a fabulous product. The story was really brought to life with the audio and real experiences to support it We found ourselves talking about Marvin in all aspects of our day.




Product Description

Marvin’s educational resource is suitable for children age 3+ and would create a wonderful topic for an early years setting to follow. It includes:

  • The story booklet: The story of Marvin’s Market Adventure and Grandma’s Special Picnic, told in 6 short chapters, with clear illustrations of the key characters included within each chapter
  • Audio version of the story read by a professional actor
  • An individual booklet introducing the key characters to the child. The child can look at their own special book of characters whilst listening to the story
  • A further booklet ‘Maximising the learning opportunities’ is packed full of many fun, wonderful ideas and activities linked to the Market Place to further support the child’s learning
  • Powerpoint of photographs of the learning resources (wonderful homemade ideas to support the ‘Maximising learning opportunities booklet’)

A must buy for all early years settings and specialist practitioners working with  children with SEND, it will bring a smile to your face and to the children you read this to!