Environmental Access Toolkit

PE18: Environmental Access Toolkit


Identify reasonable adjustments to enable a child/young person with vision impairment to access the school environment, safely and confidently. This simple self audit toolkit is designed for the head teacher and focuses on four key areas for audit: outside areas, corridors, entrances, halls and classrooms.

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Product Description

Why use the Environmental Access Toolkit?

  • Access Audits highlight the points to be audited for each location
  • Access Audits include no cost and with cost implications to allow for short and long term planning
  • Short and long term actions can be added to the Access Action Planning sheets for cost implications and budgeting


  • Enables the head teacher to make short and long term plans to make the environment accessible
  • Enables low cost solutions to be implemented immediately
  • With cost actions can be included in the school’s long term school development plan