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PE5: Easy-Easier (TM) Posting Box


Consult with the child, listen and respond to their voice with this simple, effective concept which offers a practical way to engage with the child about their support.

Product Type: Hardcopy


Product Description

Why use?

  • Puts the child’s voice at the heart of the ‘plan, review, do’ process
  • Provides a flexible tool to chart curriculum based progress, daily living skills or social skills
  • Use to include child in EHC planning


  • Helps to positively engage children in learning
  • Enables meaningful learning targets to be set
  • Recognise child’s strengths and promotes positive self esteem

The Easy-Easier Posting Box is suitable for children with/without SEND in KS1- 4.

The pack includes a brightly coloured post box marked ‘Easy’ and ‘Easier’ and a set of laminated tickets with typical classroom tasks on them. The child considers each task and posts the ones he/she finds easy in the appropriate slot, and the ones he/she would like to find easier in the other.

The tickets posted in the ‘easier’ slot form the child’s targets for development and intervention. Goal planning sheets and progress graphs enable you to record progress throughout the year.

Pack includes: Easy-Easier Posting Box, Set of laminated tickets with typical classroom tasks, CD with other tickets, review and recording sheets, goal planning sheets for child, measuring progress graphs, skill level descriptions.



“Resources like this make the job so much easier to do and the children think its a little game. I also find they feel very proud when they have lots in the‘easy side,’ it’s almost like a mini appraisal for them!” – Teacher of VI, South Wales

“Today I used your Easy/Easier posting box (with a Year 5 student with severe visual impairment). I gained more useful information through this activity than I usually do in full vision assessments. I think I will use this in all of my future assessments.” Teacher of VI, Salford