Easy-Easier Child's Voice Toolkit
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PE31: New Easy-Easier (TM) Child’s Voice Toolkit for children with SEND


Listening to the Child’s Voice- an ‘Easy-Easier’ approach to listen, plan and review, putting the child at the heart of the process.

The Easy-Easier Child’s Voice Toolkit offers a whole school approach that is applicable to all children with SEND in years 1 – 6, by offering a practical way to put the child at the heart of their support plan. It is a system designed to fully involve them in the planning  and review of their outcomes.

The resource supports the child to develop the additional skills they may need to enable them to reach their National Curriculum Outcomes.

The Additional Curriculum © works across two products which link together Positive Outcomes for Children with SEND andThe Easy-Easier Child’s Voice Toolkit’. The 8 colour coded areas include:

Sensory Function and Efficiency; Understanding the World; Media Access; Interaction with the world; Managing our own world; Understanding our place and ourselves in the world; Accessible and assistive technology; A positive future.

Example of Easy-Easier Tickets taken from across the 8 areas stated above: ‘Set up and use my own equipment’ ‘know how to behave with friends’ ‘Go to different parts of the school by myself’ ‘Finish an activity or my work on time’ ‘Choose what I want to write or record’ ‘Sit on the carpet and listen’ ‘Tell someone if I am worried about something’

Would you like free training and a trial before you decide to buy?

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Product Description

Watch the video of Gwyn talking about how to use the Easy-Easier Child’s Voice Toolkit:

The approach centres on using the language of Easy-Easier and a simple structured system to place the child at the centre of their support and to enable them to think about their outcomes using a structured approach.

There are three stages with accompanying resources:

  1. Listen to the child’s voice, by including them in a structured approach to help them to think about the tasks they find easy and those they would like to find easier.
  2. Plan actions for those tasks the child would like to find easier. Include the child in this process, listen and incorporate their ideas and suggestions. They may have the solution!
  3. Review progress with the child – post tickets in the ‘Easy’ side once child judges that a task is now ‘Easy’ (or as ‘Easy as it can be’)

Why use:

  • Puts the child’s voice at the heart of the ‘plan, review, do’ process
  • Provides a flexible tool to chart additional curriculum outcomes
  • Use to include child in EHC planning


  • Enables both the teacher and child to measure and review progress towards reaching outcomes
  • Helps to positively engage children in learning
  • Enables meaningful learning targets to be set
  • Recognise child’s strengths and promotes positive self esteem

Resource includes:

2 x Easy-Easier ® Posting Boxes, 8 colour coded sets of Easy-Easier tickets linked to the 8 Additional Curriculum Outcome areas, an action plan, individual recording booklets and graphs for each year group. (Also included on CD as part of the package – excluding the posting box). (Further boxes can be ordered separately at £20.00 per box).

Here is what the professionals say following attending training on the resource…

‘The Easy-Easier strategy box seems a very good way to understand how the children are feeling about a particular topic which feed into planning as well’

‘Comprehensive programme that can benefit all age groups. Can provide a uniform approach to rewarding progress in the establishment’

A fabulous tool to link the child, their needs, the national curriculum, their additional skills, their voice and their parents. Brilliant! A must buy!!’