About the Braille course (the Braille course is currently full for the academic year 2018-19) 
The course is suitable for those who wish to follow a course with a final assessed component which demonstrates their level of competency in both reading and writing contracted Braille.

  • This course is assessed and marked by a Qualified Teacher of Vision Impairments from Positive Eye Ltd. It is not externally accredited
  • The course is taken as a distance learning module by participants
  • Participants complete 30 writing exercises set out in the Braille Primer to practice and when ready (but by the monthly deadline) complete a separate written exercise to demonstrate their learning. This exercise is written by Positive Eye for the professional to complete and hand in for marking.
  • At each stage a Braille Transcription exercise is also provided to the participants for completion
  • On completion of all exercises, participants take an End of Course Test in reading and writing Braille.
  • The test is devised and written by Positive Eye Ltd.
  • The test is marked by a Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairments



Cost of course

£370.00 full course inclusive of one End of Course Test

£70.00 End of course test only (written and reading test)

£35.00 End of course test written only

£35.00 End of course test transcription only


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