Learn about motor visual skills with Positive Looking 1.

Award winning Positive Looking 1. This course focuses on motor visual skills. We explain through a practical resource rich presentation. Designed to support the practitioner’s understanding of each visual skill. One day course.
To include:
  • visual awareness
  • visual attention
  • fixation
  • tracking
  • transferring gaze
  • scanning
  • visually directed reaching
  • visual discrimination of objects
  • visual discrimination of images
  • identification of letters, numbers and patterns.
The course includes demonstrations of how to develop each skill. It explores practical ideas and activities to support the practitioner. To help plan targeted interventions and explain observation points. To help assess and identify the child’s responses.
A simple system to measure and record progress for each individual child is also included.

Date: Monday , October 21st, 2019

Venue: Positive Eye Ltd, 48 Royden Road, Billinge, Wigan, Lancashire, WN5 7LP

Cost: £100.00

The course is focused on the NASEN award winning resource – Positive Looking


The techniques used by Positive Eye are so clear and engaging – the parents got great benefits from the session, which provided a real boost in helping them support their child’s education. I have never seen children so engaged about learning

Testimonial: Working with Moorvision Charity, Laura Hughes – Founder, Moorvision