The flagship products, Positive Looking 1 which focuses on motor visual skills and Positive Looking 2 which focuses on visual perception skills, can also be accompanied by training. Each product can be presented as half day training or both products can be delivered together during a full day session.

The format of both courses is the same and is as follows:

This practical, resource rich course is ideal for any school or setting planning to use Positive Looking 1 or 2. It clearly explains the visual skills, what is meant by each and the goal for development in each case.

The course includes demonstrations of how to develop each skill, explores ideas and activities to support the practitioner in planning targeted interventions and explains observation points to help assess and identify the child’s responses.

The two products Positive Looking 1 and Positive Looking 2 are available to purchase to accompany this course.

Yvonne Smith a teacher of VI from the Bradford Service for VI shares the difference Positive Looking has made.


“Training gave me a greater insight in how to deliver activities and with appropriate and motivating resources.”

“Really useful as it was rooted in the reality of working with children, also well delivered.”

“Fantastic ranges of resources, lovely calm, relaxed and friendly environment for training.”
Teachers of VI, London


The techniques used by Positive Eye are so clear and engaging – the parents got great benefits from the session, which provided a real boost in helping them support their child’s education. I have never seen children so engaged about learning

Testimonial: Working with Moorvision Charity, Laura Hughes – Founder, Moorvision