Course objectives:

  • To gain knowledge of practical approaches and strategies to support the numeracy development of children with SEND/VI linked to each of the early learning areas
  • To gain knowledge of how to support the development of numeracy skills, e.g. counting, matching, sorting, categorising, and discriminating. Ideas are linked to the specific areas of the numeracy curriculum, including number, pattern, shape, measuring, addition, subtraction, problem solving, understanding time, money, fractions and more

The course covers:

A practical framework to support a holistic approach to emerging numeracy skills will provide the structure to this resource rich day, offering a wealth of practical ideas and strategies which embraces numeracy within all the areas of the child’s learning.

Practitioners will leave with a comprehensive resource pack both in hardcopy and on CD

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‘Found this very useful and enjoyable made to feel at ease’

‘Very informative and good ideas about how to be creative with resources’

‘Always an interesting time with Gwyn’
Teachers of VI, NW – UK


The benefit of Positive Looking is that it is a tool that everybody can use everyday, everybody can feedback on it, everybody can show how the child has made progress

Testimonial: Class teacher Jade Cracknell says Positive Looking is a job for everybody