A brand new immersive theatre experience accessible for all children

Presented by Positive Eye and Playhouse Productions

‘Everyday experiences offer a rich foundation for early literacy development…’

‘Marvin’s Market Adventures’ based on the original book ‘Marvin’s Market Adventure and Grandma’s Special Birthday Picnic’ by Gwyneth McCormack is based on an everyday experience of a little boy’s visit to the market place…

“Marvin was a kind little boy who loved to visit his Grandma and help to look after her beautiful garden. One day he decided he would surprise her as it was her birthday and he wanted to make her a special picnic. He wrote his shopping list and set off to the market. He would buy a beautiful flower for her garden, a little shiny fish for her pond….. little did he know that he was in for some magical surprises!
Marvin’s adventure is brought to life through a wonderful multi-sensory experience as the story of this kind little boy unfolds. Children will meet Flora Flower, Fishman Phil, Veg Man Vernon and Barbara Baker the lovely cake maker, feel the bumpy fish, explore the apples, smell the flowers and be part of a wonderful fun experience.”

Come and dance, sing, clap along and join in with Marvin as he makes new friends at the market place!

We would love you to come along beforehand to meet our friend Marvin and Grandma and the wonderful characters. Enjoy a touch tour and explore the props and costumes before we begin our wonderful story.

Join us afterwards for a Marvin Make and Take Workshop
Come and get creative and make a bumpy fish, a flower, or a big, fun strawberry
The theatre experience and workshop will help children to:

  • Explore and investigate the shape, size, texture and form of objects
  • Use their senses to listen and take part in the experience
  • Enjoy communicating through music, actions and song and most of all to participate in a meaningful literacy experience linked to an everyday
  • learning opportunity

About us
Positive Eye travels nationally and internationally to deliver training to schools and professionals in relation to children with Special Educational Needs-Disability (SEND) and has done so for the last 10 years. This is following 18 years of experience spent working with children and young people with vision impairments and special educational needs.

Playhouse Productions have been creating theatre for children with SEND for the last 5 years, the shows are fantastic and always well received by the children and adults.

Interested in booking the Marvin theatre show?
We would love to perform our show for the children you work with or support.


Working with Gwyn and Positive Eye has also been invaluable. Since that very first phone call I have kept in touch with Gwyn and she provides a lot of content for the site. Her posts are some of the most visited parts of Through Scarlett’s Eyes

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