VIEW Conference 2021 Information sharing by Positive Eye

Hello VIEW Conference Delegates 2021,
My name is Gwyn McCormack. I am the founder of Positive Eye, a company established in 2008 to deliver highly interactive, practical training. Positive Eye is an internationally respected training provider. We deliver training across the world from Australia, to America, to Iceland.  I am absolutely thrilled and  delighted to share links to two presentations that I hope will support you in your work. Both demonstrate how best teaching and learning practices can achieve positive outcomes for children with vision impairment.
1. Family Story Time: How to plan for and deliver story time shows for your families
2. Stories enhanced through essential everyday experiences: Practical teaching and creative approaches to support literacy in the everyday experience of your child.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in Positive Eye to deliver training for your school or Service. Feedback from our courses is always very positive. Our courses are all highly practical and don’t rely on PowerPoints. You can find out what other teachers and professionals say here:
1. Family Story Time.
2. Stories enhanced through essential everyday experiences
Unique, award winning product range
We have a unique award winning product range of resources to support you in all aspects of your work
Practical Courses
Our bespoke courses are listed here, everything from teaching braille to listening to the child’s voice and social skills and much more