Positive Eye Idea Machine Week 1 #Class 2 recording 25.3.2020

Hello everyone,

A very warm welcome to #Class 2 of the Idea Machine. Today I tell the story of Marvin’s market adventure chapter 1, we learn the Marvin song and I prepare some nice things for the next chapter 2 – Flora Flower’s Stall which I will be reading on Friday 27th March . We share Super Star Time as children have been sending in their pictures of rainbows and their Marvin puppets! I make Rainbow Sunflowers and Flora Flower!  I also share below the two recordings, at the bottom of the page some suggested activities to do with your children related to the first chapter of Marvin’s story.

Please note: This is in two parts as Facebook Live suddenly cut off half way through, so be sure to watch both parts. I am not a professional TV presenter and this is from my home working with what I have got to support the community of parents and professionals in a positive way during this time so please bear with me. If there are a couple of bumpy bits along the way keep watching, it is with the very best intentions I do this !

Sharing rays of sunshine, inspiration, creativity, support, kindness & love
with you all, Gwyn 

Positive Eye Idea Machine Week 1 Class 2 Part 1

Positive Eye Idea Machine Week 1 Class 2 Part 2


Please see above some suggested activities related to Marvin’s Story Chapter 1