Idea Machine Week 1

Hello my name is Gwyn from Positive Eye, you are all very warmly welcome to watch the first class we all enjoyed together yesterday on the Positive Eye Idea Machine Facebook Page. See below.

Please know at Positive Eye as a one woman enthusiastic band with a deep love for the work I do that  I support the community of parents, professionals and children inclusively across the world in setting up and delivering three online classes each week during this strange situation we find ourselves in.

I aim to bring love and the spirit of hope and joy to you all. The classes are for you all. They are for mums and dads, grans and granddads, aunties, uncles, children of course, teachers, teaching assistants, paraprofessionals, anyone!

Each class will be based on a story and the story may run for a couple of weeks. I will be dressing up and acting the characters and making some things ahead of time for each chapter of each story told. These are things you can make at home, and they may be things you can collect – simple objects. Using real objects and making things, as well as role play and acting are all parts of literacy that are important for all children. Please come along and watch these recordings here on my website. I will post each evening after the live on Facebook – Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Fridays’  (as long as Facebook don’t make it hard for me to move the recording over to here as I am struggling a little as they are making it harder for businesses).

Take from the classes what works for you, do as little or as much as you like and please don’t buy anything, use what you have around the house already.

The more you watch the classes consistently the more you will gain as they will evolve and develop so please make sure you keep watching.

This first class is setting the scene, explaining how it will all work. I make Marvin and Grandma and show you what to collect ready for the next class on Wednesday 25th March at 4.00pm GMT

For chapter 1 Planning the Picnin which I will be reading on Wednesday collect a potato, carrot, shopping bag, purse or wallet, coins and piggy bank if you have one.

In addition I also share here the picture on the left of Week 1, Class Plan 2 – Wednesday 25th March so that you know what you might like to collect to be ready for Friday’s class (remember you may be watching these behind the live recordings!)

Don’t miss out join me, I am full of enthusiasm and good positive energy.

Best wishes sending you love and the spirit of hope and joy, please find a way to share a rainbow with me, Gwyn xx

Be inspired. Be creative. Be Kind. Love One Another share the page with your friends, spread the love.

If you need to ask any questions use our contact page

Posted by Positive Eye's Idea Machine on Monday, 23 March 2020