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Teachers of VI visit Positive Eye (Virtual)

Professional visit from Teachers of VI studying to be Qualified Teachers of VI. This week I was asked by some teachers of VI if I would meet with them. They are currently studying to be Qualified Teachers of VI and they needed to complete some ‘visits’ to fulfill their course. I was more than happy […]

VIEW Conference 2021 Information sharing by Positive Eye

Hello VIEW Conference Delegates 2021, My name is Gwyn McCormack. I am the founder of Positive Eye, a company established in 2008 to deliver highly interactive, practical training. Positive Eye is an internationally respected training provider. We deliver training across the world from Australia, to America, to Iceland.  I am absolutely thrilled and  delighted to […]

Family Story Time Show Presentation

My very good friend and wonderful colleague, Dr Donna Carpenter, Director of the Kentucky Deafblind Project and I had the enormous and exciting pleasure of presenting jointly to an audience of educators working with children with VI. They were attending the South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment Conference in Australia. This took place last night […]

Maths investigation box

Maths Discovery Box This is a super idea and doesn’t require anything to be purchased. Take a large box or bag and go around your house looking for some of these items. Then lay some out on the table or on a tray as an exploration area:   Play, learn, investigate, explore, experiment.   Here […]

Positive Looking training

Hey Gwyn? How did your Sunday morning go…the second session of Positive Looking training that you did? Best morning ever. I presented training to a new enthusiastic teacher of VI….. Sounds good. What did you cover today Gwyn? The visual skills of visual attention, fixation and tracking Wow sounds good Gwyn It was… we talked […]

Links to Positive Eye Free Resources

POSITIVE EYE’S RESPONSE TO SUPPORTING FAMILIES AND PROFESSIONALS DURING THE ONGOING COVID CRISIS… At Positive Eye we are a business that support professionals and families who work or who have children with vision impairment and/or complex needs. We work across the world from our small base in the UK. We are a micro business, but […]

The year ahead at Positive Eye

Hey Gwyn?    Yep? Where are you going all wrapped up cosy and warm on a cold winter’s day, with a big smile on your face? Down this path… What’s down that path Gwyn? How I make a difference to children is right down that path… Its my year ahead…. its open… its ready to […]