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Positive Looking Parents through literacy

Positive Looking Parents through Literacy Latest addition to the growing suite of Positive Looking resources Positive Looking Programme – a whole school approach Positive Looking Train the Trainer and Positive Looking Practitioner courses This is an online course for parents to learn how to include Positive Looking visual skills within their child’s everyday experiences and […]

New Step-back Song lands

‘When you are in a class And you’re stuck on a task And you don’t know what to do’ Some of the lines from the new Step-back song, recently recorded and which is one of the latest additions to the growing suite of Step-back resources. This time last year Step-back was in its pilot phase; […]

Weekly Update from Gwyn at Positive Eye 20.2.2020

Positive Looking Course – 3 places available on this inspiring, practical training day Positive Looking – development of visual skills Save the date – Positive Looking Best Practice Day: keep the date in your diary for a fantastic day of inspiring ideas, sharing the practice between us, spreading the love for Positive Looking, learning together, […]

Building strengths and resilience workshop

Recognising My Strengths Cards https://www.positiveeye.co.uk/our-products/positive-steps-recognising-my-strengths-cards/ Book by Gail Bailey: Emotional Well Being for Children with Disabilities https://www.amazon.co.uk/Emotional-Well-being-Children-Educational-Disabilities/dp/1446201600/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Gail+Bailey&qid=1581018285&sr=8-1

Facial Expressions Workshop

Check in with my Facial Expression Workshop. How do you teach these skills to children who can’t see or understand the emotion they convey? Find out how to support in a fun, interactive way! https://www.positiveeye.co.uk/our-products/simple-facial-expression-picture-cards/