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Weekly News and Updates with Gwyn @PositiveEye: 23.1.20

More about the Positive Looking Train the Trainer Course Pilot https://www.positiveeye.co.uk/general-news/4934/  More about the Positive Looking Programme https://www.positiveeye.co.uk/our-products/positive-looking-1/ More about the next opportunity to attend a Positive Looking Masterclass https://www.positiveeye.co.uk/our-services-2/practical-courses/positive-looking-development-of-visual-skills/

Positive Looking Train the Trainer Course Pilot

An exciting opportunity for Qualified Teachers of Vision Impairment (VI) or Qualified Teachers of Multi-Sensory Impairment (MSI) working within Local Authority Services or Special Schools. Award winning Positive Looking is used across the UK in special schools and Services. It is also now being piloted in the first school in Kentucky with a view to […]

Awesome Book Club Book Review: Marvin’s Adventure Series

Marvin’s Seaside Adventure and the rescue of Super Sparkle Marvin’s Market Adventure and Grandma’s Special Birthday Picnic. The books are great full of really good multi-sensory ideas to use alongside the stories. Gwyn has some videos on YouTube that I have enjoyed watching with my boys. You can see her passion and enthusiasm in the […]

GWYNTUCKY: Kentucky, Tennessee and Carolina Deafblind Program Training Tour – USA

The Kentucky DeafBlind Project, part of the Early Childhood/Special Education/Rehab Counselling dept,  was honoured to have Gwyn McCormack from the United Kingdom here on campus to present on a range of teaching and learning approaches appropriate for all children which are inclusive of those with special educational needs. Gwyn is founder and director of Positive […]