New children’s book -The Heart of Applebutter Hill

New children’s book – highly recommended by Positive Eye ‘The Heart of Applebutter Hill, by Donna Hill.
Abigail is visually impaired, Curly Connor is her guide dog
Read on to find out what happens…..
Imagine you’re 14 and in a strange country with your camera, your best friend, her guitar and her dog. You uncover a secret and are instantly in danger. Join Baggy, Abigail and Curly Connor as they explore Elfin Pond, sneak around Bar Gundoom Castle and row across an underground lake. The powerful Heartstone of Arden-Goth is hidden nearby, and corporate giants unleash a spy to seize it. Compelled to unmask the spy and find the Heartstone, they can’t trust anyone.

As summer heats up, their troubled friend Christopher is viciously bullied and an armed stranger terrorizes Abigail and Baggy. The friends disagree about the spy’s identity, but are convinced it’s a teacher. When a desperate Christopher shows up one night with a terrified cat, the truth is revealed. Soon, police are involved.

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Free electronic copy
Anyone who enters will receive a free electronic copy of The Heart of Applebutter Hill. We have .mobi (Kindle), .epub (Apple, Blio, Nook, Sony, etc.), .pdf & .rtf. If they read it and rate it on Amazon, they will be entered in a drawing to win a print copy. All you need is an Amazon account. No purchase necessary, just sign in and go to this link:
Then, rate/review The Heart of Applebutter Hill.

You don’t have to write much, just a sentence or two. Bookshare carries it, and anyone who reads it there is welcome to participate; they can have the e-version to give away. The deadline for posting reviews to Amazon is August 15th. To get an e-copy or to be included in the drawing, people should fill out the form on Donna Hill’s website

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