Announcing Positive Looking 2 – a brand new addition to our flagship programme Positive Looking 1 which gives you ideas and suggestions to support optical functioning visual skills in children from birth upwards and which now includes a NEW section independent living skills.

While Positive Looking 1 concerns motor visual skills and optical functioning, the NEW complementary programme Positive Looking 2 addresses the perceptual skills which help the child make sense of the world.(visual memory, mobility, spatial relations etc.

Teachers and teaching assistants can all use the programmes, confident in the knowledge that they have been developed by a professional with years of expertise in the field.

Both programmes can be purchased separately, or together at a special price.

Leaflet about Positive Looking 1&2

What the practitioners say…..

“I don’t know why everyone in the country isn’t using Positive Looking.  In my opinion every special school should have a copy”.   Advisory Teacher for Children with VI and additional complex needs, Bradford

“We could not have achieved this consistency without Positive Looking.  It is so easy to understand, and gives straightforward instructions and targets as well as stating clearly what to look for and how to chart progress.”


Case studies Positive Looking 1

Read more – Positive Looking 1&2

Positive Looking 1 has a NEW section with ideas and suggestions for  independent living skills.

Positive Looking 1 an easy to use guide that offers a comprehensive framework which any practitioner can use for ideas and suggestions and to record progress.

Positive Looking 1 is already widely used throughout the UK and internationally and its simple directions and clear structure make it suitable for use by specialist practitioners, teachers, parents and carers, whatever their level of expertise.

Featuring an overview of the main visual skill areas, practical ideas and activities, suggested goals and a framework for monitoring and evaluating progress.

Positive Looking 2 

The framework of Positive Looking 2 considers perceptual skills in the following areas e.g. Visual Discrimination Figure Ground Visual Closure

The programmes work independently, but used together provide all the information you need to support children with vision impairment

Training courses on Positive Looking 

There is also the opportunity to book a training course about Positive Looking 1 & 2 with practical demonstrations about how to use the resources.


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Positive Looking 1 NEW UPDATED version

Positive Looking 1 Hardcopy/CD: Price: £120.00  

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13b. Positive Looking 2 NEW £120.00 plus P&P

Positive Looking 2- Ideas and suggestions to support the development of visual perception skills

Positive Looking 2 Hardcopy/CD: Price: £120.00  

Positive Looking2 CD only: Price: £100.00